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The CFK Vision

To create a knowledge system for global application.

The CFK Mission

Advancing global knowledge and technologies to meet global priorities.

The CFK Goals

To standout as the leading knowledge system in the world, by building upon distinction in the core disciplines, namely: engineering sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, earth sciences, biological sciences and health sciences, through emphasizing inter-disciplinary strategies to provide valid solutions to outstanding global needs, drawing upon CFK's world-class research, innovations and global collaborations, mobilizing pioneering global science and technology to advance sustainable global development while placing strong emphasis on global priorities.

The CFK Long-term Goal for Africa

To empower African scientists and policy makers, guided by research, to develop, manage and apply their human and economic resources to maximum effect across all branches of science, technology and public policy.

About Us

Posted by Mark

The Council for Frontiers of Knowledge (The CFK) is an international interdisciplinary world-class science and technology organization existing to lead the world in defining and developing global sustainable science and technology and raising the challenge for greater participation. The gigantic challenge of meeting human development globally, confronts scientists, technologists, policy makers, governments and communities from local to global levels. Many people believe that science and technology (S&T) must play a more cardinal role in sustainable development,yet not enough systematic knowledge systems exists to help create institutions that effectively harness science and technology for sustainability, globally. Efforts to mobilize science and technology for sustainability are more likely to be effective when they manage boundaries between knowledge and action in ways that simultaneously enhance the validity and legitimacy of the knowledge they produce.


  1. To lead the world in defining and developing global sustainable science and technology and raising the challenge for greater participation;
  2. To develop scientific and research outputs which are relevant and aligned with emerging global priorities;
  3. To provide valid solutions to emerging and pressing global demands through world-class research;
  4. To encourage networking among international research and science organizations for quick transfer of human resource capacity and problem solving techniques, sharing familiarity and visibility globally;
  5. To promote the dissemination of research findings by researchers, the research system and non-governmental agencies to guide policy development, policy implementation and policy evaluation internationally;
  6. To advocate for investment into research and education as well as application and use of new knowledge;
  7. To promote equal international competitiveness in attracting research funds, international and company collaborations and relevance in key strength areas;
  8. To support the development of strategies pertinent to the progression and dissemination of knowledge through groundbreaking research, teaching and extension services internationally;
  9. To enhance evidence-based, policy guided interventions globally;
  10. To become a one stop Global Center for Original and Valid Knowledge Creation, Application and Use;
  11. To support the development of a global science and technology policy detailing priority research themes and criteria for rating research;
  12. To give systematic attention to the development of global creative scholarship in science and technology through a systematic knowledge system.

Focus on Africa:

The CFK is dedicated to the advancement of both basic and applied knowledge in Africa across the full spectrum of biological, physical, medical and social sciences. Its primary goal is the development of research portfolios that are both formulated and driven by researchers in Africa, but importantly, it seeks to do this through initiation of partnerships with international research leaders from across the world. The CFK is dedicated to the acceleration of international links for researchers within Africa. The pressing practical needs of the African citizen demands no less. The CFK aims to secure such a development through promotion of a new generation of African research leaders. What makes The CFK special is its harnessing of a rich academic knowledge base in Africa to determine real local needs.