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The CFK Activities

Posted by Mark

The CFK Activities Include:

  • Supplying international expertise to support scientific and research effort initiated within African institutions;
  • Identifying key research areas related to social and economic development in Africa, for detailed study where there would be particular synergy with international leaders;
  • Identifying and promoting promising African scientists who at one level can be mentored by internationally accomplished scientists/scholars from, the US, Australia, Europe and elsewhere or who can alternatively contribute special skills as part of a substantive team effort;
  • Initiating research projects to address key societal issues related to education, food, water and health security, but with solutions that have a clear Africa orientation;
  • Mentoring research communication skills, including scientific writing, manuscript preparation for peer-review and engagement with the policy community as well as the public understanding of science and other expert fields;
  • Facilitating proposal writing for competitive research and other funding;
  • Engaging policymakers more directly within the research process;
  • Organizing interdisciplinary research meetings and specialist workshops on substantive research topics and issues to do with the promotion and management of science and technology and to provide a forum for African scholars and research scientists that as a norm includes overseas researchers;
  • Anchoring all projects within a sustainability framework.

The CFK Projection

The CFK projects a new means for self-sufficiency in Research and Development within African Nations where local grown expertise has an unassailable role in a richer tapestry of high quality research able to command competitive international funding.