The CFK Advisory Committees | The Council for Frontiers of Knowledge

The CFK Advisory Committees

The CFK has two Advisory Committees namely: Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and Policy Advisory Committee (PAC): The two CFK Committees are led by two eminent scientists: individuals of international repute with extensive knowledge in management of sustainable science and technology, and also experience in mobilizing both financial and technical resources to facilitate CFK’s global research and development goals.

The CFK, Scientific Advisory Committee (The CFK, SAC):

Provides systematic guidance and recommendations for CFK’s past, present and future work, and render its professional judgment about the quality and importance of CFK research and scholarly contributions to the international body of knowledge. The SAC meets approximately biannually to review all The CFK scientific activities for the preceding period. It meticulously vets and recommends projects/proposals that should be supported by The CFK and also ensures that such projects are in strict adherence to The CFK’s Donors/Development Partners Guidelines/Agreements. The SAC Committee also suggests to the Board potential funding sources to position The CFK as a leading global knowledge system. The current CFK SAC Chairperson is Professor John Haslett.

The CFK Biannual SAC

The CFK SAC biannual meeting provides scientific and technical guidance to The CFK programmes and advises the Agreement Partners on upcoming and ongoing research projects. Recommendations from this meeting are transmitted to the Agreement Partners through The CFK SAC for action. The Committee provides scientific and technical guidance to all activities of The CFK and recommends projects that should be funded to the Agreement Partners (Donor/s and The CFK Board).



The CFK, Policy Advisory Committee (The CFK, PAC):

Makes recommendations to the Board on the identification, prioritization, introduction and evaluation of new and existing global science and technology policies and practices.  It helps refine and suggest modifications to The CFK’s purpose and need statement, where necessary. The PAC helps enhance communications between The CFK Board, Secretariat, and the entire Scientific Community. It provides advice to the Board on the most effective way to reach the entire CFK science and technology system; e.g. most effective mode of communication, meeting times, location, and the overall format of The CFK meetings. The current CFK PAC Chairperson is Associate Professor Barnabas Nawangwe, deputized by Prof. Shaukat Ali Abdulrazak.