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The CFK Core Values

Posted by Mark

Integrity. Credibility. Persistence. Consistence. Commitment and Hard Work. Science, Technology and Innovation Excellence, Bridging Developed and Developing Nation Output Gap. I am My Sister's Keeper; I am My Brother's Keeper. Utilisation of Donor Funds or other Support SOLELY for the Intended Purposes. Responsibility. Equality. Dignity. Accountability. Professionalism. NO Room to Hate/Racial/Bigotry/Indecent Speech and Intellectual Dishonesty. Transparency. Maximum Adherence and Responsiveness to Global Standards. Intellectual Independence. Stimulate and Facilitate Front-line Global Scientific Creativity and Innovation Interventions. Global Leadership in Defining and Developing Sustainable Science, Technology and Innovation and Raising the Challenge for Greater/Global Participation. Institutional Autonomy. Team Work. Uprightness. NO Room to Fraud/Theft. Advancing Global Knowledge Generation, Use and Application. Passion for a Cause Larger than Yourself.