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Eligibility & Conditions of the Award

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Applicants are required to have obtained a 2-1 (upper second class) or first class (1-1) undergraduate degree. In cases where an application is made before the undergraduate degree results are available, the conditional Scholarship award may be made, pending receipt of the results and subject to the applicant obtaining a 2-1 (upper second class) or (1-1) first class degree.

Conditions of the Award

For the duration of the two year Scholarship period, the awarded Scholarship will be linked to the course and research area for which the Scholarship was originally awarded and for which the student originally registered for at Makerere University.

Field work is to be approved by the Tullow Oil point of contact. Overseas collaborative research visits are to be approved by The CFK Scholarships Selection and Evaluation Panel at the latest 3 months prior to the planned visit.

The approved students must sign a contract with The CFK, in which the student would also agree to face a prescribed penalty (including refunding scholarship money) in case of breach of the contract.

Breach of contract includes but is not limited to: not completing required coursework, not providing quarterly and annual reports (see below), and not completing the Masters degree in the time prescribed.

A condition for the ongoing funding provided by the scholarship is that examinations and other assignments are successfully passed.

Students awarded scholarships will be required to present their work to the Board of The CFK at an annual meeting.

In addition students should submit a report on work to The CFK Scholarships Selection and Evaluation Panel at the end of year 1. The report should be a maximum of 4 pages and should be signed off by the student and the local supervising faculty member. At the end of year 2, a more detailed report on achievements should be provided to the Panel, together with copies (in digital form) of outputs. Other than these annual reports, each quarter a report of 2 pages, approved by the supervisor, is to be provided.