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The CFK Global Research Expert Strength

Posted by Mark

Collectively, The CFK Represents a VAST Array of World-class Expertise In: Computer Science, Information Technology, Data and Information Understanding and Coding, Signal and Image Processing, Modeling and Visualization, Applications in Astronomy, Earth Observation, Industrial Inspection; Geological Engineering, Medical Geology, Waste Management, Geotechnics, Geoscience Education; Environmental Science; Banking and Finance;  Engineering, Public Health, Human Medicine; Veterinary Public Health; Animal Diseases and Animal Medicine; Plant Biotechnology and Bioprocess; Artemisinin Production in Artemisia Annua; Algal Biofuels; Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Bioelectronics, Biosensors and Biochips; Economics, Agriculture, Climate Change, Environment, Social Policy, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering for Energy and the Environment, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolytes, Nuclear Waste Host Materials, Nanoparticle Metrology , Superplastic Ceramics, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Chemical Science, Development Economics, Immigration, Agroforestry, Tropical Agriculture (Agronomy, Soil Science), International Forestry, Rural Livelihoods and Actions, Crop and Weed Ecology, Crop Systems Analysis, Seasonal Climate Forecasting, Climate Risk Management,  Software Engineering; Requirements Engineering; Concurrent, Distributed and Adaptive Software Systems; Computing Education,  Microbial Physiology, Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Water Urban Life and Civilization, Global Forces and Local Urban Responses, Geographies of Development and Development Studies, Productivity and Competitiveness of Manufacturing Firms,  Institutions Impact on Development, Politics of Aid and Development Policy, Social and Political Dimensions of Market Reforms, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Sensing, Materials Chemistry, Rapid Prototyping of Analytical Devices and Systems and Sensor Networks, Applications in Distributed Environmental Sensing (Air, Water Quality), Remote Personal Health Monitoring, Food Safety International Development, Food Security, Poverty, Labor Market Policy Employment Instability and Progression, Social Inclusion and Exclusion, Social Security and Social Assistance, Policy Evaluation and Policy Transfer, Sustainability, Indices and Indicators, Partnership and Participation in Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Development Indices and Indicators, Agricultural Development, Public Policy and Public Administration, International Economics and International Trade , Micro–and Nanotechnology, Clinical Biochemistry, Biosensors, Membrane Technology, Biomaterials, Medical/biomedical Engineering, Near Patient Testing, Basic and Molecular Virology, Viral Immunology; Veterinary Virology and Cellular Immunology; Renewable Energy.