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Filippo G. Bosco

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Filippo G. Bosco

Area of Expertise

Micro- and Nanotechnology, Microsystem engineering, Lab on a chip technologies, Biosensors

Academic Preparation

Ph.D., Technical University of Denmark, DK, Micro- and Nanotechnology, 2011; M.Sc, Virginia Tech, US and Politecnico of Milan, IT, Physics Engineering, Nanoengineering, 2008; B.Sc., Politecnico of Milan, IT, Physics Engineering, Applied Physics, 2006. Professional Appointments
2011-Present Postdoctoral Scientist - Nanoprobes Group, DTU Nanotech, DK
2011-2012 Guest Scientist - BioMEMS group, Columbia University Mechanical Engineering, US
2009-2010 Researcher – Nanosurface Lab Group, Academia Sinica, Institute of Physics, TW
2008-2011 PhD Fellow - Nanoprobes Group, DTU Nanotech, DK
  Selected Publications  
  1. J. Yang, M. Palla, F. G. Bosco, T. Rindzevicius, T. S. Alstrøm, M. S. Schmidt, A. Boisen, J. Ju, Q. Lin,” A Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Based Quantitative Bioassay on Aptamer-Functionalized Nanopillars Using Large-Area Raman Mapping”., ACS Nano, 2013
  2. S.S. Keller, F.G. Bosco, A. Boisen, “Ferromagnetic shadow mask for spray coating of polymer patterns”, Microelectronic Engineering, 2013
  3. E.T. Hwu, C.H. Chen, F.G. Bosco, W.M. Wang, H.C. Ko, S Hwang, A. Boisen, K.Y. Huang, “High-performance spinning device for DVD-based micromechanical signal transduction” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 23 (4), 04501, 2013
  4. F. G. Bosco, E.-T. Hwu, C.-H. Chen, A. Bosien, S. Keller, M.Bache, K. Nielsen, J. Jeppesen, I. H. Hwang, “Statistical analysis of DNT detection using chemically functionalized microcantilever arrays”. Sensors and Actuators: B - Chemical, 171–172, 1054–1059, 2012
  5. F.G. Bosco, M. Bache, J. Yang, C.H. Chen, E.-T. Hwu, Q. Lin, A. Boisen, “Micromechanical PDGF recognition via lab-on-a-disc aptasensor arrays”, Sensors and Actuators: A – Physical” 195, 154–159, 2012
  6. A. L. Brøgger, D. Kwasny, F.G. Bosco Z. Tumer, A. Boisen, W. E. Svendsen, “Centrifugally driven microfluidic disc for detection of chromosomal translocations” Lab on a Chip, 12, 4628-4634, 2012
  7. F.G. Bosco, E.-T. Hwu, C.-H. Chen, S. Keller, M. Bache, M. H. Jakobsen, I.-S. Hwang and A. Boisen” High throughput label-free platform for statistical bio-molecular sensing” Lab on a Chip 11 (14), 2411-2416, 2011
  8. F.G. Bosco, E.T. Hwu, S.S. Keller, A. Greve, A. Boisen, “Self-aligned cantilever positioning for on-substrate measurements using DVD pickup head”, Microelectronic Engineering 87 (5), 708-711, 2010
  9. S.S. Gupta, F.G. Bosco, R.C. Batra, “Breakdown of structural models for vibrations of single-wall zigzag carbon nanotubes”, Journal of Applied Physics 106, 063527, 2009
  10. S.S. Gupta, F.G. Bosco, R.C. Batra, “Wall thickness and elastic moduli of single-walled carbon nanotubes from frequencies of axial, torsional and inextensional modes of vibration”, Computational Materials Science 47 (4), 1049-1059
Selected conference partecipations
  1. F. G. Bosco, M. Bache, E.-T. Hwu, C. H. Chen, J.Eugen Olsen and A. Boisen, Novel DVD-based method for measuring the prognostic biomarker suPAR, International Conference for Frontiers of Knowledge – Kampala, UGANDA, 2012
  2. F. G. Bosco, J. Yang, C. H. Chen, E.-T. Hwu, M. Bache, Q. Lin and A. Boisen, Micromechanical aptasensor-based proteins detection using a compact-disc format microfluidics system, 2012 IEEE MEMS (2012)
  3. F. G. Bosco, C. H. Chen, E.-T. Hwu, M. Bache, S. Keller and A. Boisen, High-throughput automated system for statistical biosensing employing microcantilever arrays, 2011 IEEE MEMS,  877 – 880 (2011)
  4. M. S. Schmidt, N. Kostesha, F. G. Bosco, J. K. Olsen, J. C. Nielsen,  J. O. Jeppesen, T. S. Alstrom, J. Larsen, T. Thundat, M. H. Jakobsen, A. Boisen, Xsense – a miniaturised multi-sensor platform for explosives detection, Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications III, 8031, (2011)
  5. F. G. Bosco, E.-T. Hwu, A Boisen, High throughput readout system for cantilever-based sensing of explosive compounds, Micro- and Nanotechnology Sensors, Systems, and Applications II 7679, 767925 (2010)
  • M. Palla, J. Yang, F.G. Bosco, A. Boisen and Q. Lin, “A novel method for SERS based biomolecules quantification using Raman mapping technique”, Filed, 2013
  • M. Donolato, F. G. Bosco, E.-T. Hwu, M. F. Hansen and A. Boisen, “Magneto-optical Biodetection via DVD-ROM pickup head”, Filed, 2012.
  • F. G. Bosco, E.-T. Hwu and A. Boisen, “DVD disc format platform for multiple micromechanical biosensing and fluid handling”, WO2012/037944, 2011.
  Awards and Honors
  • Strategic Research Award 2013, Danish Council for Strategic Research
  • DTU's Young Researcher Award 2012, DTU professors central board
  • 80.000 $ POC project, granted by DTU central board for technology development, 2013
  • 100.000 $ GAP project, granted by Zealand Region for technology commercialization, 2013
  • Co-author of  190.000 $ Ørsted fellowship granted by Technical University of Denmark, 2012
  • Co-author of 2.7 M$ ERC project granted by the European Research Council, 2012.
  • Co-author of 2.9 M$ DSF project granted by Danish Strategic Council, 2011.