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Holger Meinke

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Area of Expertise

Agricultural science; crop and weed ecology; climate adaptation.

Academic Preparation

PhD in Agriculture and Environmental Science (1996), Wageningen University, Netherlands; thesis title: Improving wheat simulation capabilities in Australia from a cropping systems perspective (ISBN 90-5485-511-8).

BSc/MSc in International Agricultural Development (1983), Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

Professional Appointments

January 2011- current University of Tasmania (UTAS), Australia

Professor and Head of School (School of Agricultural Science)

Director, Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research (TIAR)

March 2007 January 2011 Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), The Netherlands Professor,    Crop and Weed Ecology (CWE); Head, Centre for Crop Systems Analysis

April 1988 – March 2007Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Australia, progression to Senior Principal Scientist  

February 1987 – April 1988 University of Melbourne, Australia, Tutor in Plant Science, School of Agriculture and Forestry

Publications  (Selected List)

  • Howden, S.M., Soussana, J-F., Tubiello, F.N., Chhetri, N., Dunlop, M. and Meinke, H., 2007. Adapting agriculture to climate change. PNAS, 104(5), 19691–19696.
  • Keating, B.A., Carberry, P.S., Bindraban, P., Asseng, S., Meinke, H. and Dixon, J., 2010. Eco-efficient agriculture: concepts, challenges and opportunities. Crop Science, 50, 109-119.
  • Keating, B.A., Carberry, P.S., Hammer, G.L., Probert, M.E., Robertson, M.J., Holzworth, D., Huth, N.I., Hargreaves, J.N.G., Meinke, H., Hochman, Z., McLean, G., Verburg, K., Snow, V., Dimes, J.P., Silburn, M., Wang, E., Brown, S., Bristow, K.L., Asseng, S., Chapman, S., McCown, R.L., Freebairn, D.M. and Smith, C.J., 2003. An overview of APSIM, a model designed for farming systems simulation. European Journal of Agronomy, 18: 267-288.
  • Maia, A.H.N. and Meinke, H., 2010. Probabilistic methods for seasonal forecasting in a changing climate: Cox-type regression models. Int. J. Climatology, 30, 2277-2288.
  • Meinke, H., Howden, S.M., Struik, P.C., Nelson, R., Rodriguez, D. and Chapman, S.C., 2009. Adaptation science for agricultural and natural resource management – Urgency and theoretical basis. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 1, 69–76.
  • Meinke, H., Nelson, R., Kokic, P., Stone, R., Selvaraju, R. and Baethgen, W., 2006. Actionable climate knowledge – from analysis to synthesis. Climate Research, 33: 101-110.
  • Meinke, H. and Stone, R.C., 2005. Seasonal and inter-annual climate forecasting: the new tool for increasing preparedness to climate variability and change in agricultural planning and operations. Climatic Change, 70: 221-253.
  • Meinke, H., deVoil, P., Hammer, G.L., Power, S., Allan, R., Stone, R.C., Folland, C. and Potgieter, A., 2005. Rainfall variability at decadal and longer time scales: signal or noise? Journal of Climate, 18: 89-96.
  • Nelson, R., Kokic, P., Crimp, S, Meinke, H. and Howden, S.M., 2010. The vulnerability of Australian rural communities to climate variability and change: Part I – Conceptualising and measuring vulnerability. Environmental Science and Policy, 13, 8-17.
  • Rodenburg, J., Meinke, H. and Johnson, D. 2010. Challenges for weed management in African rice systems in a changing climate. J. Agric. Science (Cambridge), in press.

Professional  Service/Activities 

  • Editorial board member, European Journal of Agronomy (EJA, Elsevier)
  • Editorial board member, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (COSUST, Elsevier)

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Board of Governors, Council for Frontiers of Knowledge, Uganda, Africa (since 2011)
  • Member, Scientific Steering Committee, CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture & Food Security
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Panel, Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI)
  • Member, CLIVAR, Asian – Australian Monsoon Panel (CLIVAR is a component of the World Climate Research Program, WCRP)

Graduate Research Responsibilities

Supervised  (supervising) 7 PhD dissertation research projects in the fields of cropping systems science and climate risk management.

Professional Society Membership

  • European Society of Agronomy