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Dr. Karen Ballard

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Dr. Karen Ballard

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr. Karen Ballard's role in The CFK: Mentoring people (globally) working in maternal health


Karen is a social scientist with a research interest in Women's health and Global health. She completed her MSc (1997) and PhD (2000) in Medical sociology at Royal Holloway, University of London.  On completion of her PhD, she took up a post as Director of Studies for the MSc in Primary Care at Kings College London and continued research in the area of menopause, hormone replacement therapy and chronic pelvic pain.

Pursuing her interests in Women's Health, Karen moved to the University of Surrey in 2004 and worked with members of the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) to develop a new MSc programme; the MSc in Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopy http://www2.surrey.ac.uk/pgms/study/postgraduate/ge/

In 2011, Karen was granted a sabbatical year, which she spent in the rural highlands of Ethiopia, introducing a structured obstetric risk assessment into community-based antenatal care. Her evaluation of the project was received positively by the Zonal health authority, who have introduced changes in practice as a result. Further work continues, raising funds for maternal waiting homes near to health centres and hospitals in the region.

In addition to her teaching and research activities, Karen leads the Research Design Service http://www2.surrey.ac.uk/pgms/research/nhs/RDS_SE.htm providing research advice for NHS professionals wishing to apply for research funding..

Research Interests

Her background in health research has allowed her to develop interests in a variety of health issues and to use many different research methods to answer the research questions. Her key research interests have been in the area of women's health and recently more specifically, global maternal health. Drawing on her experience in risk perception and health behaviour surrounging the use of hormone replacement therapy, she is particularly interested in understanding how pregnant women in low and middle income countries perceive health risks and the barriers that they face in coping with these risks. Hence her research in Ethiopia investigated women's understanding of obstetric risks and their reactions to being identified as having a high risk for a complicated delivery.

She has used a range of both quantitative and qualitative research methods, including postal and electronic surveys, case-control studies, randomised controlled trials, face-to-face interviews and focus groups.


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  • Evidence Based Practice and Critical Appraisal
  • Research Methods
  • Communicating risk
  • Global health
Departmental Duties
  • Academic Lead for NIHR Research Design Service South East (Surrey)
  • Module lead for; Principles of research methods module & Evidence Based Practice module (MSc Advanced Gynaecological Endoscopy)
  • Research theme leader; Nursing & Health Care Practice