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Pamela J. Weathers

Institution Degree Date Major
Marquette Univ. Milwaukee B.S. 1969 Biology
Michigan State Univ Ph.D. 1974 Botany/Plant Pathology
Plant Research Lab
Ph.D. Thesis Dissertation, Michigan State University. The gas vacuole membrane of Microcystis aeruginosa: A partial amino acid sequence.
Continuing Education:
2000 Metabolic Modeling Workshop at ASPP annual meeting.
1985 Zymark Short Course on Laboratory Robotics
1984 Tufts University Medical School, Summer Institute in Biotechnology
2006-08 Professor Metabolic Engineering, Judd Hill Chair of Agricultural Biotechnology, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR (sabbatical leave)
1998- Professor, Biology & Biotechnology, WPI
1990-98 Associate Professor, Biology & Biotechnology WPI, (tenured in 1990)
1986-1990 Assistant Professor, Biology & Biotechnology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1978-79 Visiting Lecturer, Biology, College of the Holy Cross
1974-78 Wellesley College: 1976-77: Temporary Assistant Professor, Biology
1970-71 Michigan State University: Teaching Assistant, Plant Biochemistry
2006-08 Director, Molecular Bioscience Ph.D. program, Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR
1982-1994 President – CEO, Bio Rational Technologies, Inc. A Biotechnology Technology Transfer Firm
1983-1986 Research Assistant Professor, Biology & Biotechnology (part time), Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1979-1983 Research Associate, with James F. Danielli, Life Sciences (part time), Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1974-78 Wellesley College: 1974-76: Research Associate, with Mary M. Allen, Biology 1977-78: Research Associate, with Mary M. Allen, Biology
1981- Biotechnology Industry: Bioprocess, Bioenergy, & Plant Biotechnology.  Clients have included Massachusetts companies: New England Apple, New England Renewable Fuels, EcoScience, LSR, Hybridon, Bionatural Products, Advanced Process Technologies, Inc., Freeman Energy Corp., Infinity Pharmaceuticals, and New York companies: Manostat Corp., and Waterford Farms, .
1985-89 Tufts University Industrial Advisory Board for the Bioengineering Center.
1986-89 Bay State Skills Corp., Curriculum Consultant in Biotechnology. Co-developed curriculum (with J. Leyerla) for Becker Junior College, Worcester, Biotechnician Training Program.  (2 yr.).
1990-91 University California, Santa Cruz, Curriculum Consultant, Bioprocess Engineering.
1990-00 Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA, Curriculum Consultant, Biotechnician Certification Program.
1994-00 Minuteman Science and Technology High School, Lexington, MA, Biotechnology Curriculum Consultant.
RESEARCH AND TEACHING INTERESTS Research interests include: Differentiated plant tissues and production of secondary metabolites especially terpenoids, bioreactor development for differentiated tissues, downstream processing and scale-up for improving bioprocesses for the production of secondary products from cultured plant tissues especially roots, and more recently, algal biofuels. I lead the Interdisciplinary Plant Research Group, composed of engineers, biochemists, plant biologists, and physicists, who work on challenging problems in both the applied and basic plant sciences that cross disciplines. Teaching activities have included: Development and implementation of new advanced courses in Protein Purification and Downstream Processing (taught 1986-2001), Scale-up (team taught for 2 years). I currently also teach two plant courses to undergraduates, Plant Diversity and Plant Morphology and Development, Plant Physiology, and graduate level Topics in Advanced Plant Physiology, Journal Club in Biology and Biotechnology, Professional Ethics in Life Science Research, and Advanced Applied Biology. I have developed, piloted, evaluated, and disseminated numerous lab videos in Cell Biotechnology for grades 8-college. These were, but no longer are, on the market.   PUBLICATIONS: (Bold, undergraduate co-authors; und, graduate student co-authors)                                                                 REFEREED PAPERS:
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  • Since 1978 I have been either PI or Co-PI on awards totaling >$6 million. (First name listed is the PI.)
  • NIH 3R15GM069562-03 AREA (R15) Weathers (PI) $150,000 (direct costs) Artemisinin biosynthesis: Role of reactive oxygen. 2010-2013. To study role of ROS in artemisinin biosynthesis in A. annua.
  • USDA-NIFA SARE FG12-026 (Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education) Small Farmer grant – Sipler (PI – the farmer), Weathers (Co-PI) - Artemisia annua as a high value crop and weed control. $7,168, 4/16/12-2/28/14. To obtain preliminary agricultural data for A. annua to see if the plant could be grown as a new specialty crop in New England while also providing more sustainable allelopathic weed control.
  • NIH AREA (R15) Weathers (PI) $299,985 (direct costs) Artemisinin biosynthesis: flavonoid correlation with artemisinin. 2013-2016 To study where and when 6 flavonoids that act synergistically with artemisinin are produced in Artemisia annua and how their production correlates with artemisinin.
  • NIH NCATS TND – Preproposal (Weathers, PI, Golenbock Co-PI, Rich Co-PI) – A Whole Plant Therapeutic for Treating Malaria & Reducing Resistance.
  • Pakistani US Science & Technology Cooperation Program 2012 – Mirza (Pakistani PI, Weathers, US PI) Examination of the role of rol genes in stimulating overproduction of artemisinin in Artemisia annua. $274,869 (US portion) 7/1/13-6/30/16.
  • WPI-UMASS Clinical and Translational Science award, Pilot Program Weathers (PI, WPI) Golenbock (Co-PI, UMMS), Gazzinelli (Co-PI, UMMS) Rich (Co-PI, UMA) $200,000 direct costs. 1/1/11-12/31/12. A novel antimalarial strategy based on whole plant delivery of Artemisia annua L.
  • USDA 58-3148-8-172 Egypt USAID with M. Sharaf-Eldin (PI), Weathers (Co-PI) Saffron (Crocus sativus) production of secondary metabolites in cultured roots. 8/14/08-9/30/10 $60,000. Aim is to validate the presence of key saffron metabolites in saffron roots. 5% time, NO OVERLAP.
  • NIH 2R15GM069562-02S1 (Supplemental) $69,000 (total costs) Weathers (PI) Artemisinin biosynthesis: Control of Transcription. 2009- 3/31/2010.
  • NIH 2R15GM069562-02 Weathers (PI) $150,000 (direct costs) Artemisinin biosynthesis: Control of Transcription. 2007-2010.
  • DOE DE-FG36-08GO88025  Weathers (PI on grant to ASU in Arkansas) Proposal to develop algal biofuels. $200,000 9/1/08-8/31/09 Aim is to study process integration of algae and agricultural waste for production of algal oils for biodiesel production. 10% time NO OVERLAP.
  • Freeman Energy Corp. Weathers (PI) Algal bioreactor development. $60,000, 11/1/07-2/28/09.
  • NIH AREA (R15) Weathers $150,000 (direct costs) Artemisinin biosynthesis: IPP source of carbon. 2004-2007.
  • Fulbright Fellowship - Sharaf-Eldin (with Weathers), $24,000, 5/5/05 – 1/5/06
  • World Lab – Elkholy, Weathers, World Lab Fellowship, $18,000, 5/04-5/05.
  • World Lab – Sharaf-Eldin, Weathers, World Lab Fellowship, $18,000, 5/04-5/05.
  • NASA – Advanced human support technology. Providing efficient rootzone aeration for plants cultured in low gravity. Weathers, Musgrave, Sullivan. $493,909        (awarded, then de-awarded a year later when Congress made large cutbacks in NASA’s budget). 2001-04.
  • Pfizer – Summer Fellowships for Undergraduates, $20,000, 1997-2000.
  • NSF - Fundamental Studies of the Nutrient Mist Bioreactor, Weathers, Wyslouzil, Walcerz. Engineering Directorate - Bioengineering/Biotechnology., $231,833,   1995-98.
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  • US Dept. Education - GAANN - Grad. Assistance in Areas of Need, Bagshaw, Weathers, Miller. Training Graduate Students in Biology and Biotechnology $664,720, 1995 -98.
  • NSF - Academic Research Infrastructure, Rulfs, Weathers, Renovation of Research Facilities in the Biology and Biotechnology Department at WPI. $1,010,000. 1995-97.
  • NSF - Advance Technology Center in Biotechnology, Werner, Weathers, Amara, Bladon Advanced Biotechnology Education Project, $1,132,394, 1995-97.
  • NIH – AREA, Weathers, Cheetham, Production of the Antimalarial, Artemisinin, in Roots, $99,024, 10% time, 1993-96.
  • USDA - National Needs Graduate Fellowships, Weathers, Plant Biotechnology, $108,000, 1993-98.
  • Bay State Skills Corp.  Miller, Weathers, DiBiasio, Clarke.  Development of a Course in Scale-up of Methods in Fermentation and Downstream Processing.  $69,818.  1990–92.
  • NASA, Weathers and Cheetham, The Effect of Foliar Feeding on Fresh Lettuce Production for Human Consumption in Space.  $120,000, 1989-91.
  • Kresge Foundation, Rodino, Weathers, Miller, Endowment for the WPI Bioprocess Lab, $1,300,000, 1989.
  • Research Development Council, WPI, Weathers and Cheetham, $4,050, 1988, 5% time.
  • National Science Foundation, ILI, Weathers and Miller, $95,103, 3 yr., equipment grant for department bioprocess lab. 1988.
  • Keck Foundation, Rodino, Weathers, Miller, Bioprocess Lab and Training, $250,000,  1988
  • Manostat Corp., Weathers and Cheetham, Development of Applications and Manufacturing Prototype of a Novel Tissue Culture Device.  $50,000, 1987.
  • Massachusetts Industries (7 companies), Weathers, Develop course in protein purification and downstream processing. $129,000 (to match BSSC grant #5), Equipment ($65,000), time, site visits, equipment donations, 1985 - 87.
  • Bay State Skills Corp., Weathers, Develop course in protein purification and downstream processing.  $85,805, 1985-87.
  • Digital Equipment Corp. Weathers and Cheetham, Biotraps for Retrieving Heavy Metals from Electroplating Wastes, $20,000, 1985-86, 10% time.
  • Bay State Skills Corp., Weathers, Summer Institute in Biotechnology: Protein Purification and Separation and Bioreactor Analysis, $20,000, 1985 - 85.
  • Whitehall Foundation, Giles and Weathers, Survey of the Eukaryotic Algae for Nitrogen Fixation, $113,000, 1981-84, 50% time.
  • NIH - Biomedical Research Support Grant, Weathers, Equipment purchase: French Pressure Cell, $1,400, 1983.
  • NASA, Danielli and Weathers, Nitrogen Fixation in a New Cyanobacterium, $100,000, 1979-80, 50% time.


Most of these videos were on the market via Kitchen Culture Kits for use by schools. All proceeds went to the support of WPI students in my lab.  
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2012 Distinguished Service Award, Society for In Vitro Biology.
2011 WPI Sigma Xi, Outstanding Senior Faculty Researcher Award.
2009 WPI President’s Circle
2009 Fellow, Society for In Vitro Biology.
2008 Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, Honors Edition.
2007 Democracy in Action Award, Middlesex & Worcester Democratic Coalition, Mar. 25, Hudson, MA
2006- Who’s Who in America
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2013 GRAD 2013, 1st place for MS in Business and Social Science (Sharon Wulf and Pam Weathers, Co- Advisors) Michael Blair, Carlos D. Arellano Echevarria, Christopher J. Nikopoulos,
2012 Alex DiIorio Bioprocess Fellowship from WPI, Ying Yang
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2003 MQP Provost’s award, third place, section 1, Brandon Matthews.
2002 Am. Soc. Gravitational & Space Biol. Travel Award to Joe Romagnano.
2002 Danielli award for Ph.D. research to Fred Souret.
2001 Anne S. Chatham Fellowship in Medicinal Botany (Garden Club of America) to Fred Souret
2001 Danielli award for Ph.D. Research to Melanie Correll.
2001 Teaching Assistant of the Year at WPI to Fred Souret.
2000 ASPP Travel Award to Fred Souret.
2000 Danielli award for MS Research to Tim Iskra.
2000 Pfizer Summer Fellowship for Undergraduates, Jason Field
1999 Pfizer Summer Fellowship for Undergraduates, Jessica Condon
1999 Danielli award for Ph.D. Research to Charles Buer.
1998 GAANN Fellowship to Melanie Correll.
1998 GAANN Fellowship to Melissa Towler.
1999 Proctor-Chanin Scholarship (Worcester County Horticultural Society) Fred Souret.
1998 Sigma Xi Graduate Research Award to Charles Buer.
1998 Pfizer Summer Fellowship for Undergraduates, Charu Vepari
1997 The Phillip White Award in plant tissue culture from the Society for In Vitro Biology to Charles Buer.
1997 Arvid Johnson Fellowship to Melanie Correll.
1997 Pfizer Summer Fellowship for Undergraduates, Tim Iskra.
1996 Danielli Award for MS Research to Tara Smith
1995 Danielli Award for MS Research to Thomas Teoh
1995 Sigma Xi Travel Award to Michelle Whipple (CM - co advisee with B. Wyslouzil) to present paper at national meeting of the American Chemical Society.
1991 USDA National Needs Graduate Fellowship to Laura Wagner to do graduate study in plant physiology at The Pennsylvania State University
1991 Sigma Xi Honorary Research Award to Alex DiIorio.
1991 Danielli Award for Ph.D. Research to Alex DiIorio.
1989 The Phillip White Award in plant tissue culture from the Tissue Culture Association to Alex DiIorio.
1988 Switzer Fellowship in Environmental Science from the New Hampshire Charitable Fund to Ellen Baker.
  • American Society of Plant Biologists (formerly Physiologists)
  • Council for Frontiers of Knowledge (CFK) – Invited. CFK aims to advance global graduate and scientific research especially engaging Africa. Based in Uganda. Board of Directors, 2008 – ongoing; Chair 2010-2012; Executive Committee 2012 - ongoing.
  • Northeast Section American Society of Plant Physiologists, Vice Chair 2000 2011; Chair 2001 and 2012.
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Women in Science
  • International Plant Biotechnology Network
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  • New York Academy of Science
  • Sigma Xi, WPI chapter President 2011-12
  • Society of Industrial Microbiology, Member National Education Committee 1990-92
  • Society of Industrial Microbiology, New England Chapter, Vice President 1989-1991, President, 1991-92
  • Society for In Vitro Biology (formerly Tissue Culture Association) Phillip White Award, 1993-99, Chair 1993; Student Awards Committee member 2000-  , Student Affairs Chair 2003, 2004-; Public Policy Chair 2004-12 (re-elected thrice). Member of SIVB Board of Directors 2004-12 (re-elected thrice).
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Session and Program Chairs:
  • Co-Chair Plenary Session. Plants in Service to Medicine. SIVB Annual meeting, Providence, RI, June 15-19, 2013.
  • Local Organizing Committee, Chair. SIVB Annual meeting, Providence, RI, June 15-19, 2013.
  • Co-chair (with L. Vidali) of the 76th annual meeting of the Northeast Section of the American Society of Plant Biologists, at WPI, May 4-5.
  • Workshop Co-chair: Research Integrity. SIVB Annual meeting, Bellevue, WA, June 6-10, 2012.
  • Workshop Chair: Promoting Progress through Public and Media Interactions. SIVB Annual meeting, Charleston, SC, June 6-10, 2009
  • Symposium Chair, Biofuels and other plant-produced products. WPI Life Science and Bioengineering Institute, Worcester, MA Oct. 27, 2008,
  • Co-Chair: Large-scale production of plant and animal products. Plenary session, World Congress on In Vitro Biology, Tucson, AZ June 13-18, 2008.
  • Co-Chair: Metabolic engineering/Secondary metabolism. SIVB Annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, June 5-7, 2005.
  • Co-Chair: Plant growth phase changes and the in vitro environment. SIVB Annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, June 5-7, 2005
  • Co-Organizer: Medicinal Plants/Nutraceuticals/Biopharming. SIVB Annual meeting, Baltimore, MD, June 5-7, 2005
  • Chair: Northeast Regional meeting of the American Society of Plant Physiologists, May 4-5, 2001, at WPI .
  • Chair: Panel on Graduate Education in the Global Economy, May 29, 1997, New England Society Industrial Microbiology, U Mass Amherst.
  • Program Co-chair: Biotechnology Education II, October, 1993, at WPI.
  • Program Co-Chair: Biotechnology Education, March, 1993, Joint program sponsored by NESIM and NEASM, at WPI.
  • Session Chair: World Congress on Cell and Tissue Culture, Plant Secondary products, June 1992.
  • Chair: SIM/ASM regional meeting, Tour of WPI Bioprocess Lab, WPI, May 1991.
  • Session Chair:  Agricultural Biotechnology: Enhancement of the Environment.  ASM Conference on Biotechnology Annual Meeting, 1989 Orlando, FL.
  • Session Chair:  Tissue Culture.  International Symposium on High Technology in   Protected Cultivation, Hammamatsu, Japan.
  • Program Chair:  New England Biotechnology Association (NEBA IV.), Worcester,  MA 1987.
  • Organizer:  Workshop on Starting a Small Business in Biotechnology.  New England Biotechnology Association (NEBA IV.), Worcester, MA.  1987.
  • Program Chair: Zymark Short Course: Lab Robotics in Process Development, Worcester, 1986.
  • Organizer:  Workshop on GMPs.  New England Biotechnology Association (NEBA III.), Worcester, MA.  1986.
  • Session Chair:  Bioprocessing.  New England Biotechnology Association (NEBA III.), Worcester, MA.  1986.
  • Convener: Molecular Biology and Physiology of Cyanobacteria.  ASM Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, 1978.
  Other Presentations: More than 250 other presentations, mainly done by my students, have been done at local, national and international meetings. About 10 presentations per year have had my name as co-presenter. I only now keep track of the invited presentations or duties as a program or panel Chair.   EDITORIAL AND REFEREE SERVICES: International Activities:
  • Marsden Fund, Royal Society of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand, 2011-
  • Scientific Consulting Committee Member, Center for Research Excellence in Saffron Research Technology (CREST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2010-
  • Proposal reviewer, International Foundation for Science (IFS), Stockholm, Sweden. 2009 - ongoing.
  • Council for Frontiers of Knowledge (CFK) –Invited Board member. CFK aims to advance global graduate and scientific research especially engaging Africa. Operates out of Uganda. 2008 – ongoing. Chair 2010-2012.
  • Georgian National Science Foundation – Invited to serve as a regular peer reviewer; declined due to excessive current work load. August 2008. Georgian NSF is located in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Agency Reviews:
  • NSF Committee of Visitors for Evaluation of the Instrument Cluster of the Division of Biological Infrastructure. Mar. 2002. Declined invitation due to conflict with other commitments.
Review Panels:
  • NIH NCCAM panel member, March 3-5, 2010.
  • NSF BREAD panel member, November 4-7, 2009
  • NIH Biological Natural Products panel member, October 6-7, 2009
  • NSF Environmental Systems Engineering, December 2007
  • NSF FIBR Panel, 2002-03.
  • NIH SBIR Panel: Biological Natural Products, 2002.
  • NSF IGERT Preproposal Panel: Biological Sciences, 2000.
  • NSF SBIR Panel: Biotechnology, 1997, 1999.
  • USDA Review Panel: SBIR, Biotechnology, 1997.
  • USDA Review Panel: National Needs Fellowships in Plant Biotechnology, 1995, 1997.
  • NIH Review Panel: Biological Natural Products, Special reviewer, 1994, 2009.
  • DOE Review Panel: Morgantown Energy Center Proposals: 1992.
  • NSF Review Panel: Instrumentation Laboratory Improvement: 1989, 1990, 1993;
  • NSF Review Panel: University College Curriculum Program: 1991.
Proposal Reviewer:
  • USDA NIFA SBIR Program Biofuels and Biobased Products, 2013
  • USDA NIFA SBIR Program Biofuels and Biobased Products, 2011
  • CPBR, consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, 2010-
  • KY Tobacco Research 2007-
  • NH Agricultural Station 2006-
  • CRDF (US State Department) 2004-
  • NASA, CELSS division, 1988. 2000-4
  • Natl. Sci. Enginr. Res. Council Canada (NSERC), 2003-
  • NIH, ad hoc for many different programs, 1995-.
  • NSF, Bioengineering and Environmental Systems, 1990; 1994-
  • NSF-SBIR, 1992, 1997, 1999.
  • NSF – Metabolic Biochemistry- 2004
  • NSF – STC - 2004
  • USDA – For multiple programs -1994 -
  • BARD, Agricultural Engineering, 1992-93.
  • Proctor-Channin and Sherman Scholarships Selection Committee, Worcester County Horticultural Society, 1989-93, 1995.
Manuscript Reviewer & Editorships:  
  • Am. Inst. Agric. Engr.,1992-93
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 1988-
  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 1994-
  • Biotechnology Progress, 1994-
  • Enzyme & Microbial Technology 2004-
  • In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology, Plant, 1992-  ; Reviewing Editor 1997-02; Associate Editor    2002-
  • J of Agricultural Science & Technology 2011-
  • J of Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology 2003-
  • J of Bioprocessing & Biotechniques - 2010 – invited to join editorial board, but declined.
  • J of Biotechnology 2002-
  • J. Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants, 1997-
  • Journal of Gravitational Physiology 2001-4
  • J Natural Products 2009-
  • Journal of Plant Interactions 2010 -
  • J of Social and Economical Issues of Biotechnology - 2010 – invited to join editorial board, but declined.
  • J Agricultural Science and Technology 2012 -
  • Physiologia Plantarum 2010-
  • Phytochemistry 2009-
  • Plant Cell Reports, 1997-
  • Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture – Associate Editor 2009-2012.
  • Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 2002-
Other Professional Activities:
2011 Mentor, 2 Mass Academy science students.
2010 Mentor, 1 Mass Academy science student.
2010- Judge, Mass Academy Science fair.
2005 External reader/reviewer, PhD thesis of N. Mishra, “Production and utilization of hairy root culture of Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don”, Indian Institute Technology, Kharagpur, India.
2006-08 Tenure & promotion evaluation: College of Agriculture, Arkansas State University
2000- Tenure & promotion evaluation of several colleagues at several US academic and government institutions including USDA, Penn State, U Mass, Amherst.
2013- WPI Healthcare Delivery Institute, Faculty member.
2012-14 BB Department Tenure Committee.
2011- President's Sustainability Task Force
2011- WPI Energy Initiative, member.
2011-12 Sigma Xi President, WPI chapter.
2010-12 Faculty Staff Campaign Committee, faculty committee member
2010- OSP committee to establish Research Integrity guidelines
2010- Gateway Faculty Space Committee
2009-12 Faculty Review Committee
2009-10 Gordon Dean of Engineering Search Committee.
2008-09 BB Department Faculty Search Committee, Chair
2008-11 BB Department Tenure Committee.
2009- BB Department Promotion Committee
2005-07 BB Department Tenure Committee.
2004-08 Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP) member. Resigned 12/31/06; on leave                  to AR.
2005 Member President's Ranking Commission
2005-06 Faculty Advanced Research (FAR); previously Research Development Council. Resigned  12/31/06; on leave to AR
2003-06 Institutional Review Committee for Human Subjects in Research. Resigned 10/31/06; on                                   sabbatical leave to AR.
2002-03 Faculty Review Committee
1997- BB Dept. Graduate Studies Committee
1998-01 Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP), Chair 2000-01.
1997 Fringe Benefits Committee
1997 Dept. Head Search Committee, Civil Engineering.
1994-6 Dept. Infrastructure Committee
1994-6 Dept. Industrial Liaison Committee
1993-2004 Editor, Biology/Biotechnology Department Newsletter
1993-94 Dept. Head Search Committee, Biology and Biotechnology
1993-97 Entrepreneurship Program Committee
1993-94 Screening Committee for Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
1991-98 STRIVE Faculty Participant.
1991-94 Globalization Advisory Committee
1990-92 Project Advisory Committee
1990-92 WPI Women's Academic Advisory Committee
1991-93 Mentorship Committee
1991 Director Multicultural Affairs, Search Committee
1991-92 Dept. Tenure Committee
1990-91 Multi Discipline Research Center, Selection Committee
1989-92 Committee Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR). Secretary, 1989-91
1989-91 Goddard Fellowship Selection Committee.
1987-89;02-06 Organizer of department seminar series.
2013 Katharine F. Erskine Awards Host Committee member for YWCA of Central MA
2010 & 12 Stow Town Co-Coordinator, MA Democratic Candidates Campaign
2010-14 Stow Democratic Town Committee, Co-Chair.
2007-08 Habitat for Humanity, Jonesboro, AR, housing construction volunteer.
2006-10 Board of Overseers Member, WBUR Radio Station, Boston MA.
2006 Finance Committee member, Deval Patrick Campaign for Governor
2005-06 Stow Town Coordinator, Deval Patrick Campaign for Governor of Massachusetts
2005-00 Registrar of Voters Town of Stow, MA.
2004-06 Stow Democratic Town Committee, Secretary; re-elected in 06.
1998-2002 Stow Town Center Committee, advised reconstruction of Town Veterans Memorial.
1996-2007 Lector, St. Joseph the Good Provider Parish Church, Berlin, MA
1994-2000 Stow Conservation Trust, Board of Directors; Vice President 1999-2000; Nominating Committee 1999-02
1993- Conservation Commission, Stow, MA, Associate member.
199-2005 Open Space Plan, Town of Stow, Co-author of multiple editions.
1990-93 Conservation Commissioner, Stow, MA.
1974-80 Conservation Commissioner, Stow, MA.
1977-78 Chair, Conservation Commission, Stow, MA.
1973-86 Professional potter (part-time).
1986 Participant in lay study group that prepared a critical evaluation of the third draft of the US Bishop's Pastoral Letter on the Economy for use by Bishop Harrington.  Material was used by the National Bishop's study group in preparation of the Final Draft that was published in November 1986.
1987-89 Participant in Host Homes for Homeless under the auspices of Wheat in Clinton Ma. My home was available for homeless women and children from my local area. I gave shelter to a family of 5 for 2 months and a single woman for few days until they could be housed.
1988-91 Participant in panels on Host Homes for Homeless for area churches.