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Stephen Morse

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Stephen Morse

Area of Expertise

Sustainable development (especially sustainability indices and indicators, Partnership and participation in sustainable development, Environmental management, Development indices and indicators, Agricultural development (including sustainability and biotechnology)

Academic Preparation

Ph.D., University of Southampton , UK,, Plant physiology, 1990; Ph.D University of Reading, UK, Applied entomology,  1989; MSc University of Reading, Crop Protection, 1979; BSc, University of Wales, UK, Applied Biology (Honors), 1978.

Professional Appointments

2010- present    Chair in Systems Analysis for Sustainability, University of Surrey

2008-2010        Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Reading

1999-2008        Reader in Development Studies, University of Reading

1998                 Senior Lecturer (Natural Resources), University of East Anglia

1990-1998        Lecturer (grade B; Natural Resources), University of East Anglia


Selected publications (2008 to present)  

  1. Morse, S. (2010). Sustainability: A biological perspective. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 288 pages. ISBN 978 0 52183 533 6

  2. Bell, S. and Morse, S. (2008). Sustainability Indicators. Measuring the immeasurable. 2nd Edition. Earthscan: London. 228 pages.  ISBN 978 1 84407 299 6

  3. Morse S. (2011). Attracting attention for the cause. The reporting of three indices in the UK national press. Social Indicators Research 101(1), 17-35.

  4. Morse, S., Vogiatzakis, I and Griffiths, G. (2011). Space and sustainability. Potential for landscape as a spatial unit for assessing sustainability. Sustainable Development 19, 30-48.

  5. Morse, S., McNamara, N and Acholo, M. (2009). Potential for clean seed yam minisett production by resource-poor farmers in the middle-belt of Nigeria. Journal of Agricultural Science 147(5), 589-600.

  6. Morse, S. and Mannion, A. M. (2009). Can genetically-modified cotton contribute to sustainable development in Africa? Progress in Development Studies 9(3), 225-247.

  7. Morse, S. and McNamara, N. (2009). The universal common good: Faith-based partnerships and sustainable development. Sustainable Development 17(1), 30-48.

  8. Morse, S. (2009). Post-(sustainable)-development? International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 9(1/2), 110-129.

  9. Morse, S. (2008). Post-sustainable development. Sustainable Development 16(5), 341-352.

  10. Morse, S. (2008). The geography of tyranny and despair: Development indicators and the hypothesis of genetic inevitability of national inequality. The Geographical Journal 174(3), 195-206.

Professional  Service/Activities

1.     Member Editorial Board,  Sustainable Development

2.     Member Editorial Board, Systemic Practice and Action Research

3.     Member Editorial Board, Open Agriculture Journal

4.     Head of Department of Geography, University of Reading (2007-2010)

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, Board of Directors, Council for Frontiers of Knowledge, Uganda, Africa (2011- current)
  • Visiting Scholar at the University of Iceland  (2010)
  • Visiting Professor at the University of Reading (2010-present)

Graduate Research Advising

Supervised  to completion 16 PhD dissertation research project and many MSc/MA theses research projects in the fields of development, environment, economics and social science.

Professional Society Membership

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Biology (FIBiol CBiol5)