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The CFK International Conference

Posted by Mark

The Council for Frontiers of Knowledge, The CFK, convened a major international Conference, on the Theme "Western Science Meets African Reality", at Munyonyo Commonwealth Speke Resort and Conference Centre, in Uganda, November 2012.

The Conference was attended by about 412 delegates with representation from Ireland, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, USA, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Senegal, Southern Sudan, Botswana, China, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Korea, Malawi, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, United Kingdom, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Nigeria, Cameroon, Pakistan, Rwanda, Turkey, Burundi, Brazil, Sudan, and Egypt among others.

At the November 2012 meeting, more than 29 African countries were represented as were nine countries from four other continents. Indeed, it included as participants Presidents and Vice-Chancellors, or their direct representatives, of sixty two (62) universities. This convergence of intellectual talent and energy led to new alliances and collaborations that can only enhance and enrich Africans and the broader world community. What follows is the convergence of ideas that have emerged from this growing collaborative group via The CFK.