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The CFK Policy Statements

Posted by Mark

Funding/Support Policy: The CFK does not discriminate or differentiate between applicants for funding (or other support) on any grounds other than peer review assessment.

Equity/Fairness Policy: In the interest of fairness and equal treatment, The CFK prohibits discrimination in its activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, political beliefs, age, occupational, disability, gender, marital status, familial status, parental status, sexual orientation, genetic information, and religion.

Employees Standard Conduct Policy: All The CFK employees must conduct themselves in a manner befitting their offices. They must conduct themselves at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably of The CFK.

The CFK Communication/Speech Policy: The CFK does not tolerate inappropriate and unacceptable comments. We strive for a very high level of decency and put emphasis on scientifically relevant and high quality research evidence-led discourse: inappropriate and unacceptable comments have no place in The CFK.

Donor Support Utilization Policy: The knowledge divide cannot be rapidly closed; however, massive research financial support is a fundamental condition for science and technology development. It is very critical that high level transparency and accountability parameters are put in place to clearly define how donor money is to be spent, and specific measures introduced to ensure that money is used solely for the intended purposes so to promote and reward scientific creativity and innovations. The more this lesson can be built into the science and technology policies and practices of the developing world, the more rapidly they are likely to bridge the output gap that, at present, continues to stimulate the knowledge divide between developed and developing nations.

The CFK Directorates:

Directorate: Public Policy Development and Socio-Economic Transformation

Action Statement: Engagement of policy actors in the process of applying new knowledge for the advancement of societal goals and objectives.

Directorate: Development of Research Potential and International Competitiveness

Action Statement: Direct involvement of the scientific community to enhance highimpact research and maximize innovation.

Directorate: Advancement of Sustainable Science and Technology

Action Statement: Development of collaborations to maximize effective research in priority areas of sustainability.

Directorate: International Partnerships for Graduate and Post-doctoral Education, Research and Training

Action Statement: Promotion of mentoring and career development for expanded training opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral scholars.

Directorate: Global Collaborative Research

Action Statement: Facilitate new International partnerships as a foundation for addressing global challenges and establishing innovative directions for research.

Directorate: Science and Technology Resources, Grants and Fellowships

Action Statement: Identify, access and delivery of financial resources for research and training activities.

Directorate: The Council for Frontiers of Knowledge Awards, Honors and Prizes

Action Statement: Recognition by CFK of outstanding endeavor, achievements and promotion of excellence by individuals at various stages of their careers.

Directorate: Infrastructure Development for Research and Scholarship

Action Statement: Establishment, long term sustainability, and effective utilization of facilities and processes that will aid the delivery of the highest quality research and scholarship. Widening