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Submission of Application

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A Scholarship application should be submitted by a full time faculty member, with a named student. The student is required to obtain a first class or 2-1 (upper second class) undergraduate degree, and the Scholarship is conditional on this being obtained, including in the case where an application is made before the undergraduate degree results are available.

Submission deadline: Friday, 9th September, 2011 at 5:00PM EST.

Contact may be made with The CFK at any time prior to the deadline, by the prospective student or by the prospective faculty member. The application is to contain in one page a case for support for the scholarship, with reference to the theme areas below. In addition, a CV of the prospective student should be included, containing grades obtained (Certified Transcript), and one reference letter. The CV of the prospective faculty member, indicating research and teaching, and a cover letter of interest, should also accompany the application.


Research Area:

Limited field investigations may be required in the Lake Albert area to supplement existing data in support of approved research themes. Tullow Oil will agree on the scope of any associated field work and assist with data gathering and data reduction phases where applicable.

The CFK Scholarships Selection and Evaluation Panel

A CFK Scholarships Selection and Evaluation Panel has been established consisting of The CFK International Research and Academic Leaders from Queen Mary University of London (UK); University of Missouri, at Kansas City (USA); Technical University of Denmark (DK) and Royal Holloway, University of London (UK).

Applications for a Scholarship should be in writing and submitted to:

  • Atkins Katusabe
  • Director, International Relations
  • The Council for Frontiers of Knowledge
  • Wing M3, Faculty of Technology, Old Building
  • Makerere University
  • P. O. Box 5506, Kampala, UGANDA
  • Tel (Office): 256-414-531-231
  • Fax (Office): 256-414-531-230
  • Mobile Phone: 256-772-693-729
  • Email:

With a copy to Professor Fionn Murtagh at:

You may download a copy of the scholarship brochure here